Alowishes Unusual Birthday
by Carole Cliffe & Irene Ferguson

Carole and Irene's second children’s book.

This colorful, fanciful story will impact kids with the importance of being dependable. 

The creative rhyme and  inspiring character driven theme will resonate with kids ages 3-12

This book is dedicated to granddaughter Rafaella (Rafi ) Rochlin, whose energy and zest for life bring such joy to her grandma, Irene.

To my twin grandkids, Riley and Sophie you are growing up to be such responsible kids, and truly are the Mighty Meltons. Precious grandsons Luke and Noah you’re a delight and such a blessing.

To my long time childhood friend Sharon Kemble, who tirelessly continues to train kids daily to take responsibility for their actions, I commend your work and dedication to the teaching profession.

In addition I want to thank Martha Camacho for the layout design and her awesome work.

A special thanks to my mom, co-author whose wit, rhyme, and encouragement made this book a reality.

All our wishes go out to parents, teachers, and coaches that their impact will build kids of good character who will become responsible citizens.


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